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Sharon Petty has been a registered nurse for the last 45+ At the start of her career she decided to utilize her experience from working in ICU, Emergency Medicine, and Case Management (HMO) to help people optimize their health and promote the formula for AgingWithout Disease. Her passion is to reunite people to their most precious asset, their health. Over the last 50+ years she has studies the connection of health and wellness to life style. Aging Without Disease is not only about nutrition or only exercise, but it is the everyday choices that we all make everyday.

Blending both her apothecary with her Holistic studies has afforded her to work privately as well as with groups helping them transition to a healthy life style. The many questions that have been directed to her have proven that there is a need to empower individuals regarding their health, erasing the mindset that  we “catch” a disease.

  As a Health and Wellness Coach, she coaches individuals to guide according to their pace towards their desired goals, leading them toward Aging Without Disease.The strategy is to  empower individuals through knowledge, as well as allowing them to set up methods that are comfortable and achievable slowly integrating these changes into their everyday life style.

For those being challenged with a diagnosed illness or disease, she simplify difficult medical information making it easier for you to make the best medical decisions.It is important for individuals to take control of their own health and understand all pertinent medical information regarding their health.

Her desire is to impact our communities, moving our nation towards sustainable health care, by making healthier choices everyday, that will lead to Aging Without Disease.There have been numerous studies showing employees who make healthier choices are more productive at work. A healthy employee is more productive at work and happier at home.

List of courses

Building your immune System

How to manage the journey of change from a bad habits

Weight loss clinic, Why does “WillPower” not work 

How to have a productive conversation with your doctor

Where do you start when you want to change your diet

How to stay motivated to make life style changing

Stress and how to manage it

How to ease your self into making fitness a part of your life

What you need to know about reversing diseases

The meaning of Aging Gracefully, Aging Without Disease

Discussion on different diets

Detoxification of the body

Break out of courses

-10min What Where When Why and How of it

-10min Causes of the problem

-10min The Solution

-30min Q & A

         Share your thoughts on what was said regarding ______

         Share some idea that come to mind about how you can                           move forward

Is Coaching a Good Fit for you?

What is your Why?

What will it mean to you when you succeed?

What gets in the way?



Main Areas: How to optimize your Health and Wellness
Career Focus: I am the owner of 4HealthyLiving Inc.

I graduated from college as a registered nurse I was accepted for the training at Cedar Sinai Medical Center in California as an intensive care nurse in 1976 where I worked as a ICU nurse for several years afterwards.

 In 1980 I trained in emergency medicine where I worked for 20 plus years. In conjunction I worked as a nurse advocate between health insurance patients

and the primary care provider.

Her Life Passion

Since age 14 I have studied continuously, to improve my knowledge and understanding of integrated health and wellness care. My passion is to educate the public on the importance of  optimizing their health and how to accomplish this goal  currently I am studying to obtain a mastered degree in integrated medicine in hopes to develop a global coaching model teaching others the responsibility of aging without disease.

As a health coach i work closely with all my to promote health and wellness aimed towards aging without disease. I am able to coach individuals towards the realization of their personal best. As your health coach I will be responsible for developing a health and wellness coaching relationship with you

that assist you through  the process of actively working towards better health using my 4 step process of assessment;evaluation;coaching;and continual analysis of your progress. Throughout the 4 steps process you will constantly be empowered with educational knowledge concerning your personal health goals.



TWITTER PROFILE: Sharon is an RN for 30+yrs trained in ER and continues to study alternative & integrated healthcare. Passion is to educate the public on Aging without disease.




AgingWithoutDisease Packages

The purpose of the membership is to provide continuous information which is easy to access everyday. Receiving  continuous bite size information  much like school homework, is how information is changed into lifestyle behavior. Over time these small lifestyle behavior changes will create the improvements you desire for your health and wellness. It is these simple actions which will require little effort that will lead you to Aging Without Disease. The subtlety of these steps will resemble a very large cruise ship turning yet you don’t feel that you are turning.Of course there are many tips that will be given that will be easier that others for you to achieve.

Founder Membership $149.95 per month

  • Access to all Live workshop
  • one free, one on one, consultation/month
  • monthly live group meeting topic chosen by the group’s interest
  • Monthly Aging Without Disease tips
  • Printable download for day by day actions which will progress your towards a successful monthly goal
  • Access to the private FB community

Gold Membership $99.95 per month

  • one free, one on one, consultation/month
  • monthly live group meeting topic chosen by the group’s interest
  • monthly Aging Without Disease tips
  • Printable download for day by day actions which will progress you towards a successful monthly goal
  • Access to the private FB community

Silver Membership $49.95 per month

  • monthly Aging Without Disease tips
  • Printable download for the monthly day by day actions which will progress your towards successful monthly goal.
  • Access to the private FB community

A la Carte Membership $79.95 per month

This membership will provide you with a choice of two benefits from the list.

  • 30 minute consultation on specific personal issue
  • 30 minute consultation how to simplify understanding a medical condition
  • 30 minute consultation on setting a clear and direct path toward a health and wellness goal
  • 30 minute audio recording addressing your question with 30 day access giving you autonomy matching your schedule
  • 30 minute Audio recording to address how to speak with you healthcare provider regarding a specific concern.