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Sharon Petty has been a registered nurse for over forty years.After decades of hands on experience in caring for patients in the ICU , Emergency room and managed care (HMO) she leverages all her knowledge when helping  people optimize their health by promoting a lifestyle  directed at Aging Without Disease.

Over the last 50 years she has studied the relationship between  health, wellness, and lifestyle. She has learned that Aging Without Disease is a culmination on nutrition, exercise, and an overall lifestyle. Sharon utilizes a combination of Apothecary and Holistic studies assist her clients with achieving their health goals by empowering them to make healthier decisions that impact their overall health.

Sharon has experience working with clients privately or collectively. As a Health and Wellness Coach, Sharon coaches at the clients pace, setting goals that have come from the clients “why” (their reason for the goal).You will find that her coaching style is about supporting the clients lead and coaching them through those obstacles that get in the way of success.

Her goal is to  empower individuals through knowledge and a process that can be easily integrated into one’s everyday lifestyle.  Sharon’s ultimate goal is to impact communities and  move our nation towards sustainable health care by empowering others to make healthy choices everyday and reunite them with their most  precious asset which is your health.