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Sharon Petty RN

Bio: Plant Based Nutritional Coach

My name Sharon Petty, I am a retired Registered Nurse. My specialties were ICU / ER and specialty managed care. I have studied and practiced Holistic and Alternative medicine, with emphases on nutrition, since I was 16 years old and it has built into a life long passion for me. My objective is to educate others on the relationship between what we eat and our health and wellness.My health coaching practice is directed towards those looking to embrace and understand what   AgingWithoutDisease looks like.In addition to health coaching I lecture and conduct workshops to a variety of audiences from adults to grade school.

I am originally from Detroit Michigan and I moved to Los Angeles California to attend college.  My initial ambition was to be a Pediatrician but coming from a low income family my parents had no resources available to send me to med school. I later learned about a government program set up after the Civil rights movement called Man Power, which allowed Afro-American’s to attend college. Of course these program would not pay for med school so I went for a nursing degree, and have no regrets.During my clinical throughout nursing school I was very dishearten to realize that in our country very little was being done that resembled health and wellness, instead our health care system used edication to quiet symptoms never addressing the causation.

My disappointment with our health care system deepened my depth of study into preventative medicine. I studied under Dr Nathan Pritikin, as well I studies Ayurvedic medicine, herbalist, yoga and many others.

Immediately after graduation in 1976, I was accepted into a certification program offered by Cedar Sinai Hospital located in LosAngeles CA, to be trained as an ICU nurse. After obtaining my certification I was hired by Cedar Sinia and worked as an ICU nurse for twelve years throughout California. Those years in ICU prepared me for the complexity of health care.   Many of these patients were being kept alive on machines and intravenous medication, the image reminded me of the movie “Coma” with Genevieve Bujold and Micheal Douglas in 1978.

During my 12 years in ICU families began to request that I remain in the room after the doctor meet with them, to ask me questions to make sure they understood what was being told to them by the doctor. That was when it really hit me that the public had no idea how their bodies functioned and what was required to stay in good health. Many of the physicians were thankful for the advocacy since they did not have the time nor the comfort level in having these emotional and complex conversations.I felt tat I couldn’t really help people in ICU since by the time you needed ICU the window of prevention was closed.

In 1980 I left ICU and  trained for Emergency Medicine working at a Level One trauma centers throughout California. In the emergency room I had a captive audience of patients and family since during an emergency people are receptive to being educated on preventative methods.It was in the emergency room that I fell in love with the field of medicine again and decided that I was in the right field. During my many years working in emergency medicine I have had patients call me weeks later thanking me for the information I shared with them telling me how it had changed their life or the life of their family member. At the end of the days working in emergency room I left with a smile listening to  how thankful people were to have a new sense of understanding.

In the mid 1980’s I was encouraged by my manager to attend a national training for case management and work under a system we now call managed care. We as a nation were just stepping into the HMO managed care era. The waste of money in the health care system had final been exposed and the nation had decided that the answer was to monitor the spending. My responsibility as a case manager was to assist the Doctor’s, the family and all other needed supportive systems to understand the continuum of care while preventing waste. Unfortunately this change with in our health care system did nothing to prevent the ever increasing number of citizen that would develop a disease.

Throughout all the above years I not only continued to study preventative medicine but continued to live a healthy life style.I reminded a vegetarian worked out 5-6 days a week and was constantly reading a book or attending a conference pertaining to healthy life style.

Truthfully I thought I would be dead before the unlicensed would open their eyes and realize that their current diet and heath care system was ill ing them.

Today I am ecstatic with excitement over the plant based eating movement. My goal is to make my self available to do what I was born to do coach people on AgingWthoutDisease

Sharon Petty RN


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