• Aging Without Disease is... decreasing your stress

  • Aging Without Disease is...making better diet changes

  • AgingWithout Disease is... exercising regularly

  • AgingWithout Disease is... Possible

Welcome to Aging Without Disease

About Aging Without Disease

At the age of 16, Sharon became very interested in the study of the human body anatomy and physiology. Within two years her focus was directed towards preventative, holistic health care, the start of aging without disease. During her training as a Registered nurse she became aware that the health care system did not concentrate on prevention but rather concentrated on how to stabilize the imbalances with medication instead of balancing the imbalances. She observed that the public was totally disconnected from the understanding that disease start with imbalance with in the body and that they were in control of making changes within their life that would correct these imbalances before they became a diseases. This discovery about people gave her a passion to be able to empower the public with knowledge and discover that they could Age Without Disease. This passion to empower the public has finally come to pass as her life entered empty nest with more zeal and energy than ever before enabling her to take on the challenge of teaches people how to Age without Disease. Currently she is studying to obtain a Master Degree in preventative integrated medicine and will continue for her doctorate degree in the same.

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Mission Statement

My goal is to empower you with knowledge that will encourage you to take baby steps towards optimizing your health.The goal is for you to understand what it means to Age Without Disease and how to optimize your current state of health.I will take the difficulty out of understanding how to age without disease using a four step program. I will take medical information and make it easy for you to understand how it relates to the future of your health.I will help you to choose and develop a plan that is unique to you as an individual that will produce measurable improvements towards your health and wellness. I believe together we can bridge the gap between you and healthy living.

My Four Step Plan to Aging Without Disease

  1. Easy to comprehend educational pieces that will make it easy to comprehend what the body needs to be disease free.
  2. Set agreed meeting times to coach client through small steps leading them to a state of Health and Wellness.
  3. Data will be collection to measurement the results of the action taken. This will create a record of results showing progress and encouragement.
  4. Weight Management including nutritional consultation with shopping field trips
  5. Individual Consultation directed towards your chosen goals
  6. Stress management
  7. Educational Workshop
  8. Occupational Workshops for Employers


  • Weight Management including nutritional consultation with shopping field trips
  • Individual Consultation directed towards your chosen
  • Stress management
  • Educational Workshop
  • Occupational Workshops for Employers


I love the fact that you have had hands on experience of working with real patient in a clinical environment, combined with your knowledge of alternative medicine.

I want you to know that I appreciate your ability to listen and really hear me , which makes me know that you really care. I love your ability to interpret for me what the doctor is saying and what it means to me and my life style.

Your many years of experience as a medical profession really put me at ease particularly your Emergency room experience. I appreciate your knowledge of how the industry works as you explain things to me in layman terms. Most of all I appreciate that you live what you advise to others.

Sharon is one of my most informed associates, when it comes to any health related matters. I trust her judgement and she is very proactive when it comes to preventative medicine as oppose to just erasing the systems. Her methods are to address the whole body. Ask her anything her knowledge is broad based on both male and female health issues.

I use her service because she has been a registered nurse for a long time and has proven to have a great deal of knowledge.
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